Team building is not usually the first thought when conducting a recruiting event. The reality is quite different.

Conducting some measure of team building with a recruiting event helps you to determine how well recruits will be able to fit in with your team, how valuable they can be as an employee, and give them the sense of being part of something larger than themselves.

THEY improv is a major player in the world of team building and has a variety of programs that can help to bond and assess potential employees. 

about us

About Us

THEY improv is a leader in team building throughout the United States and beyond. We have worked in all 50 states, Canada,Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond.



We have a variety of programs that get prospective employees to feel like part of your company even before becoming an employee.

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We can test the ability of prospects to collaborate with one another and challenge them to determine their positive competitiveness.



Getting prospective employees to understand the value you place upon them can be key to getting them to value becoming part of your team.



We can help you to assess the capabilities of prospective employees and better determine their value should they join your team.


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Contact us to discuss the options that can help you achieve the success you are looking for within your budget constraints.

THEY improv is proud to provide recruiting event entertainment across the country and can use such gatherings to enhance team building of prospective employees.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of a recruiting event and how we can help you to achieve success in your business without really trying, simply give us a call.

You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at

To provide you with suitable information you will need to let us know the prospective size of your group, what city or cities that you are looking to have these events, if this will be around a meal, cocktails or more of a classroom setting, and when you are looking to have this event.

Again, simply call us and we will be happy to help you achieve your goals!