THEY improv provides recruiting event entertainment across the country to help companies find new employees, determine how well they fit in to your company, make the prospects feel appreciated and motivate them to say yes to the job opportunities that you have available.

We have a wide variety of options to entertain your group. These include options that can get them talking to each other, talking to people from your company or talking to your executives.

These options, and others, such as DJs, musicians, dancers, and the like, can help to find recruits, motivate them to attend, enhance their feelings for your company and improve their performance once they join your team.

improv comedy

Improv Comedy

Members of our team can provide you with an interactive comedy show that involves audience members and gets everyone laughing together.

game shows

Game Shows

With several popular game show themes, we can engage the spirit of competition in a friendly environment.

murder mysteries

Murder Mysteries

With different options including mix and mingles, full mysteries and interactive shows, we can fit most any need.

secret agent academy

Secret Agent Academy

A mix and mingle game designed to get people to talk to each other to find the mole in their midst. This gets people to know each other better and helps to assess their judgment.

magic and mentalism

Magic and Mentalism

A mainstay of entertainment, magic and mentalist shows can entertain while enthralling the participants.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of a recruiting event and how we can help you to achieve success in your business without really trying, simply give us a call.

You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at

To provide you with suitable information you will need to let us know the prospective size of your group, what city or cities that you are looking to have these events, if this will be around a meal, cocktails or more of a classroom setting, and when you are looking to have this event.

Again, simply call us and we will be happy to help you achieve your goals!

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